Coil range management.
We organise and manage black coils for Liège cooling → 1,800,000 T/year.
Management of stocks of finished products from Liège, Florange, Gueugnon, Mouzon, Dudelange, and others.


Provision of our labour on site to carry out ship and lorry loading and unloading operations and inspection and reporting operations.


Management of stocks of finished products on our sites for our client Renault (Douai and Maubeuge). Pre-despatch reel inspection and repairs.

Tata Steel

Unloading of barges of wooden pellets from the Les Awirs power plant and loading of pre-boiler silos.
Inspection of and reporting on all conveyors.
Héna heap removal with conveyor steering and loading of ship.


Complete logistics to Central America.
Lorry transport of powder from Germany, placed in big bags in Liège, containerised, transported by barge to Antwerp for transfer onto a ship bound for Chile.


Containerising of mineral water for mass export from our Liège site.

Spa monopole

Packaging service for mass export from our Charleroi site.